Bachelor's Degree

The Student Development Institute offers three bachelor's degree programs in Business (BBA), Science (BSc) and English, Foreign Languages and Communication Studies (BA). Each program is designed for four-years full-time study and is structured around a 12-subject foundation, a 17-subject major, eight electives and a final paper (equivalent to 3 subjects).
Subjects are qualified by a credit-system, the completion of a degree normally requiring 160 credit points.

Within each degree, there are many possible majors (see below). The majors offered at SDI are designed to provide a very high level of commitment from students to achieve a modern, up-to-date education in their chosen field. SDI considers that the time is right in Cambodia for students to have a wide selection of choice to meet diverse student interests as well as meet the economic, social and developmental needs of the nation. With this in mind, the three new degree programs offer a broad spectrum of knowledge-based, technology-orientated and intellectually-challenging programs from which to choose. They range from practitioner competency in business, Business and industry to managerial skill in areas such as human resources and the challenge of using English and foreign language in effective modern workplace communication, interpersonal relations and cross-cultural awareness in a global environment.

There are five faculties of Bachelor's Degree

Faculty of Business

  •     Management
  •     Accounting
  •     Marketing
  •     Hotel and Tourism Management

Faculty of Social Science

  •     Economic Development
  •     Finance and Banking
  •     Law
  •     Public Administration
  •     Political Science

Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering

  •     Information Management System
  •     Computer Science
  •    Telecommunication Engineering

Faculty of Humanities and Languages

  •     English Literature
  •     English for Business

Faculty of Mathematics and Science

  •     Mathematics
  •     Enviromental Science