Master Degree

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There are a wide-range of masters degrees available at SDI, some are completed solely by coursework completion, some solely by completion a research-based thesis and some completed by a mixture of the two.

For a full list of the available qualifications, please see Postgraduate qualifications page.

Masters degrees at SDI are administered through the relevant College and Faculty, however, the examination of Masters theses is conducted through the Postgraduate Office.

Applications for changes to enrolment (e.g., from full-time to part-time study; a suspension or extension; changes in supervisors) should be addressed to the relevant Dean or Head of School. Please follow the links below to find out all the details about completing a masters degree in each College or to find out who to contact in each College.

Master's Degree Programs:

1.      Master of Business Administration

2.      Master of Law and Political Science

3.      Master of Science in Information Technology

4.      Master of Art in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (MA in TESOL)